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Bernette b64 Airlock

Hate threading?  You need an air threader!  Make threading the loopers painless with the touch of a button.  This machine has more to offer than just amazing threading, it has a generous detachable flatbed and can also be make a free arm for sleeves and pant legs. 

The looper cover is the perfect spot to store your accessories, each with it's own specific space.

The 5 LED lights give you a well lit up area and make it easier to see while sewing on darker fabrics.

MTC is micro threasd control.  This feature is used when sewing different thickness of fabrics, to prevent looping of the edge of the fabric.  Create a flush edge everytime with MTC.....


Other features

  • Adjustable stitch length
  • Safety switch while cover is open
  • FHS- free hand system knee lifter
  • Tension release when foot is in up position
  • 1300 stitches per minute
  • 16 different stitch types
  • manual needle threader
  • Built in roll hem


Bernette b64 Airlock

special order please allow about 3 weeks delivery
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