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Janome QMP20 Quilting machine and Frame

The Janome QMP20 has an impressive 20'' throat.  The machine comes with an adjustable frame which can be set up as 4 foot, 8foot or 12foot length.  Rolling your fabrics onto the frame makes stitching your quilt less strainful on your body and allowing you to focus on your design.  The machine sits on a wheeled carriaged making it effortless to mauver it around your quilt.  Bright LED lights illuminate the throat, needle and bobbin areas.  These lights can also be adjusted to suit your own eye sight.  Stitch regulation helps the quilter to create even stitches and there are two modes to choose from cruise and precision.  Manual mode is another option and this is great for applications like micro stippling.


Other features

  • Needlepoint laser- red light that indicates needle position
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • programmable handlebar buttons- doesn't matter if your right of left handed you can choose which side does what.
  • M class bobbin
  • 2500 Stitches per minute
  • 20'' throat space
  • Powerful LED lights
  • Thread break sensor
  • Baste stitch options
  • Easy set tension- digital tension display
  • Magnetic holder for scissors, needles etc
  • Thread stand
  • 7'' touch screen
  • Front and rear power buttons
  • Pinpoint needle laser
  • needle up/down
  • bobbinuse estimator with alarm
  • Quilting alarm and project timer


Frame Features

  • Height adjustable legs
  • Side bungee Clamps
  • Snap in poles
  • Handwheel for easy rolling
  • powder coated high quality steel
  • pole cradle for holding Quilt top pole up while adjusting batting fabric
  • levelling feet to adjust to all florr surfaces

Janome QMP20 Quilting machine and Frame

$23,999.00 Regular Price
$19,999.00Sale Price
take approx 1-2 weeks
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